Time to upgrade?
Enhance your clinic experience with TM3!

Why Make The Switch To TM3?

Many clinics have upgraded from TM2 to TM3 over the years for various reasons. The underlying reason for the majority of upgrades is to improve clinic performance and patient experience.


Empower Patients

Give your patients some ownership of their treatment while you remain in control with our personal patient portal.

Booking appointments has never been easier within their personal portal. They can view all upcoming appointments as well as past appointments they have had with practitioners in your clinic.

Enable them to keep track of their payments and receipts for classes and appointments, cutting down on administration tasks for you.


Personalise Treatments

Every patient is different so no two treatment plans are the same.

TM3 allows you as a practitioner to tailor the rehabilitation plan to each patient with our Clinical Notes. Setting scores and goals within this module helps to make the treatment more interactive and is seen as a motivational tool for patients.


Our Investment In You

Your clinic and its future is important to us and we always have a focus on what clinics need to perform to their best.

We are continually working and investing resources in TM3 to enable us to deliver the most innovative, safe and intuitive healthcare management system in the market.


Build A Connection

Attracting and retaining patients is extremely important to clinics. Once someone has come to you for one treatment, you want to keep them coming back should a problem arise in the future.

TM3 allows you to build a relationship with your patients through our marketing tools. Integrations such as Mailchimp make it easy to let patients know what is happening in your clinic.

Automatic appointment reminders ensure that patients do not miss out on appointments, meaning you don’t lose time and they don’t miss their much-needed treatment.


Security Is Key

With TM3 you are in safe hands!

Our software has many security features built in, allowing you to ensure that your confidential client information is kept safe at all times.

Your data is always backed up by us, meaning should an incident occur we can get you back up and treating patients with minimal disruption.

Our dedicated security team work constantly to ensure that all aspects of our software are as secure as possible in line with our standards and GDPR guidelines.