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Start growing your business again today. Welcome clients back to appointments and classes with contactless bookings and payments. Transform your processes with self-managed client accounts on TM3 Connect.


Scale back to full operations without needless software costs

Unlike our competitors, we offer a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model for appointments and classes. This means you'll only be paying for booked appointments and classes where revenue is guaranteed.

To learn more about our pricing model, book a demo of our clinic and class management software with our expert consultants today.

Studio Management | Clinic Management

Clinic Management

Manage operations at your clinic with ease on TM3. Analyse business performance, book and manage appointments, rooms, instructors all in one system.

Clinic Features

Class Management

Design classes to suit the needs of your clients, manage courses and avoid dreaded empty slots with waiting lists on TM3's flexible Class Manager Software.

Classes Features

Client Portal

Put your customer in the driving seat, allowing them to book, pay and manage appointments and classes from your whitelabelled TM3 Connect web-app.

Connect with Clients

Why TM3?

Join the thousands of practitioners, instructors and professionals who trust TM3 to manage business operations at their clinics, studios, gyms and more.

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Unlock Your Potential

We know that no two clinics or studios are the same and unlike our competitors, we don't believe one pricing bracket fits all. We believe a tailored/flexible approach to pricing is the best model for finding a cost that works for both parties.

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Success Stories

Within clients ranging from Physiotherapists and Osteopathy, Pilates and Yoga to Mental Health Practitioners, discover why so many trust TM3.

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TM3 is just as much at home in a private practice as it is in a Hospital or Large Clinic. Discover how we can help with compliance and more at your hospital or large clinic.

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TM3 Connect

Don't just take our word for it, take your business to the next level with TM3 Connect. Watch the video to discover the benefits of TM3 Connect for your business today.

Why TM3?

Data Security

At TM3, we are ISO 27001 certified, as well as having a dedicated infosec team to ensure the data of our clients and their clients is protected to the highest possible level - giving you peace of mind.

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Customer First

Immerse your clients throughout their customer journey with the client portal on Connect, online forms, digital notes, seamless payments and marketing integrations on TM3.

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Leading Support

Support isn’t just for when something goes wrong but is just as important in making sure you get off on the right foot with your new clinic and class management software.

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