Black Friday & Cyber Monday for Clinics and Studios

Posted 2 November 2020 in , Business and Marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Healthcare

2020 has presented clinics and studios around the world with a range of challenges however the festive season is still something we can all look forward to. Whilst you will have had to overcome the ramifications of going through multiple openings and closings this year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday could present a final chance to secure significant revenue for your clinic or studio before we wave goodbye to 2020.

Often when we hear the term Black Friday, we associate it with wild scenes of frantic shoppers pushing their way into high street stores and wrestling over the last TV or PlayStation. But Black Friday is much more than that, put yourself in the shoes of a consumer for a minute. Buyers are more empowered than ever before; the evolution of online means that your clients are equipped with a range of options at the touch of a button and not only for your business. Consumers of healthcare services shop around for services that deliver not only quality but also value, and in year where people will have been furloughed or let go from employment, value matters. Enter Black Friday for healthcare and fitness businesses.

How can clinics and studios claim their share of the action?

As in-clinic services and in-studio classes are limited due to Covid-19 this year, the value lays in creating an omnichannel strategy for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to ensure maximum reach and returns.

Whilst Black Friday is typically driven by in-person purchases and Cyber Monday is executed online, the restrictions on in-person anything this year means it’s best to roll both of these into one refined approach. However, that doesn’t mean running the same offer for both…

Let’s take a look at what you can do this this year to boost your revenue.

Black Friday

Black Friday

Take advantage of Black Friday and use your offer to spotlight in-person services, playing back on the fact that these would normally be purchased in-person. Just because you can’t sell in-person doesn’t mean you can provide a seamless ecommerce experience via TM3 Connect that allows you to sell credits for in-person services at a promotional price.

Keep your marketing messaging tailored around the in-person theme and use it to drive clients back in-premises with messaging such as ‘We couldn’t see you in clinic today but take advantage of our Black Friday offers and book your next appointment now!’.

Your Black Friday offers could consist of a % off a set number of treatments or classes, a % off membership for life or hybrid offers combining treatments, classes and physical stock.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

As we all know, digital services have played a key role in helping clinics and studios navigate the last 7 months and the next few months will be no different. The great thing about digital services is that your overheads should be lower, giving you more flexibility on pricing for Cyber Monday.

Use Cyber Monday to offer promotions on your digital services and much like your Black Friday marketing messaging, tailor it around your digital/cyber approach for delivery. Cyber Monday should be used as an opportunity to drive online purchase, online booking and online delivery – all of which can be executed, tracked and managed with TM3 Connect.

Bundle your digital consultations and Zoom classes for a Cyber Monday offer, offer a classes membership exclusively for Zoom classes or subscription with a % discount on Cyber Monday.

Marketing for Clinics and Studios on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Creating a great offer is only half the battle when it comes to promotions, regardless of the time of year. The other half of the battle is brand exposure and awareness, if nobody knows – who is going to buy it?

Firstly, ensure you get out ahead of the crowd of clinics or studios in your local area and tell your clients that you are participating these events. Money will be tight for a lot of people this winter, so drive value early-on. Make use of our Mailchimp integration to send clients a teaser of upcoming deals or start a VIP circle, giving high-value clients early access to your sale. The earlier people know, the more likely they are to convert.

Next you’ll need to setup your packages and offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With TM3 Connect, you can easily setup offers to be sold online via your Connect bookings site. These offers can be set to run from pre-set to and from periods and each offer has a unique URL meaning you can send it out to your client list via email marketing.

Additionally, you can link these package offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your social ads, paid search campaigns or embed them on your website. All of which can be tracked via our Google Tag Manager integration – after all, you can’t define success if you can’t measure it.

TM3 and Black November

We wouldn’t advocate for something if we didn’t believe in it ourselves. That’s why during the month of November, we offer all new TM3 customers 2-for-1 on licencing for the duration of their contract with our Black November offer. Get in touch with our sales team today for more information.
Posted 2 November 2020 in , Business and Marketing

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