Branding framework for your healthcare or fitness business

Posted 15 April 2021 in , Business and Marketing, TM3 News

Branding Framework

This blog is the second part of our two-part branding series, if you haven’t read the first part, you can do so by clicking here.

As we previously covered, there are several elements that combine to create your branding. Your brand is not just your logo or the colours you use on documents and images. It is your whole identity as a business and how your clients perceive your services. If you are thinking about re-working your brand, or maybe you are just starting out on your own – we recommend following the steps below to enhance your branding.

Here is our five-step framework for creating an amazing brand that should make the process as easy and effective as possible.

1. Understanding your clients

The first step is to understand the inner workings of your target audience. Most multidisciplinary clinics or studios will have multiple client personas. For example, if you have clients who come for Physiotherapy appointments and others who come for Pilates classes - are their interests, desires and drivers the same? Sure, they both have the same end-goal - being fit and well -, however the messaging that they resonate with will differ.

When you think about your brand, start by considering who the ideal client for each of your services is. One thing that some of the strongest healthcare or fitness brands have in common is a clear understanding of their target audience. They know exactly who they are speaking to with everything they say.

When you know who you are speaking to, you can develop a brand identity that is fully aligned with your audience. To understand who you want to reach, it’s a good idea to write down your client personas. The personas represent different target segments. You want to find out as much information about these personas as possible so that you can find out what drives them. All this information can influence your brand visuals, personality, and more.

Healthcare Brand

Note: Once you have established personas for each of your services, you’ll be able to market your specific services directly to the relevant personas by using the direct service URLs in TM3 Connect. This will ensure your messaging hits the right clients, every time.

2. What is your purpose?

At this point of your branding process, it’s time to discover why you are different from other Physiotherapy Clinics or Fitness Studios in your area, what makes you unique and why anyone should care. Think about the problem you are solving and your differentiating factors.

The internet is a wonderful place however it also means increased competition and when two businesses offer the same service, why would a potential client choose one over another? That’s where your branding can have a powerful effect on the decision-making process. Your purpose sets the foundation for your branding. Elements such as your tagline, slogan, voice, tone, messaging, value proposition and more all arise from your very purpose for existing.

3. Market research

In the early stages of your brand, a lot of the decisions will come off the back of thorough research. Do your market research and find out what competitor brands are doing. Look at where your competition succeeds and fails. By analysing your competitive landscape, you can unearth opportunities that will help you create both an incredible brand as well as form the basis of a killer strategy. When you find a gap in the market, you can figure out what makes you different and stand out from the competition. The goal is to set your business apart, not to emulate a brand exactly that is already successful.

4. Time to design

A strong and recognised brand makes a visual impact. It’s memorable, cohesive, and is easy to apply to multiple design elements. Your brand visuals are the embodiment of your purpose, mission, and values. It’s what your customers will see on your website, online bookings, communications, marketing output, and anything else you put your business name on.

When designing your brand visuals, there are a few factors to consider including:

  • Logo
  • Colour
  • Font
  • Images and Styling
  • Brand Guidelines

Connect Branding

5. Live your brand

When you combine all these elements, you create and establish your brand. A brand is visual, emotional, and human. It’s hugely valuable. It’s crucial that you maintain brand consistency across all parts of your business. When switching between your social media, website, and online bookings / branded client portal, there should be no question about who you are and what you represent.

After establishing your brand, you and your employees need to implement and live the brand. If you’re all about fun, inclusivity, and vibrancy, your members should feel this in everything from virtual to in-person services.

In Summary

There is a lot more to building a brand than designing a fancy logo and choosing a vibrant colour scheme. While it may seem intimidating to build a successful healthcare or fitness brand, you can move through the process much more effectively with the right guidance. Your brand helps you to connect with client, build trust, and ultimately grow your business. Building a brand requires a framework and strategy. By taking the steps necessary, you can work to develop a memorable brand that will become one of your most valuable business assets.

TM3 Connect allows you to ensure your brand and messaging carries through not only your online bookings platform but also your client portal and communications. Click here to arrange a demo and discover the benefits to your brand, or click here for a bespoke quote.

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