5 Reasons To Choose TM3 Over Cliniko

Posted 11 March 2020 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

If you are currently in the market for new practice management software for your clinic or maybe you are weighing up your options on moving away from Cliniko then you’ll likely be asking yourself “what are the biggest differences between all of these clinic management software providers such as TM3 and Cliniko?”

In today’s market, some things such as a clinic diary, reception management, online bookings and clinical notes have become table stakes for practice management software – you have to have them to compete..

Whilst you may have friends who use TM3 and others who use Cliniko, finding the right fit for your clinic is important. At TM3, we offer something a little bit different to Cliniko so we thought it would be best to bundle up the top 5 reasons for choosing TM3 over Cliniko as your new clinic management software.

1. Online Payments

Unlike Cliniko, TM3 gives your clinic the ability to accept online payments via your website, TM3 Connect page or via embedding on social media. We also have a handy debt chasing tool that automates communications to clients via SMS or email when they have an outstanding balance. All communications contain a payment link to allow online card payments, reducing debt at your clinic.

2. TM3 Connect

Enhance your online presence with TM3 Connect, allowing you to build your own online bookings website where you can link all of your services from appointments to classes, the best bit is that it can be bundled up into your own white-labelled Connect web-app that clients can save to the home screen of their smartphone for ease of access – you won’t find that on Cliniko!

3. Packages, Subscriptions, Courses, Waiting Lists

Avoid dreaded empty appointment and classes slots with automated waiting lists on TM3, give your clients the ability to purchase packages at your clinic which can be made up of appointments, physical stock and classes. Run courses which can be booked and paid for online by clients and now offer recurring subscriptions or memberships with TM3!

4. Pay-per-appointment Practitioners

The Cliniko pricing model bundles licences into the number of practitioner diaries you require regardless of working hours. TM3s new licencing model allows for pay-per-click appointments for practitioners who don’t work as often at your clinic meaning you’ll only ever pay for what your clinic is using.

5. Client Portal

Put your clients in the driving seat with the client portal available on TM3 Connect. Your client portal allows your clients to take control of their own bookings, payments, consent, forms, receipts, settings and account without having to call your receptionist or pull you away from treatments – another amazing feature that you won’t find on Cliniko.

TM3 Connect

We can’t fault the Cliniko practice management software for clinics who want to run the essentials through their software however if you want to go the extra mile, generate additional revenue and turn clients into advocates then TM3 is the solution for your clinic and class management software.

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