New Feature: Introducing e-Signatures!

Posted 27 June 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing, Clinical

At TM3, we’re all about constantly improving our practice management software, ensuring we provide not only our clients, but also their clients, with the best possible clinical experience from start to finish.

Today we have some exciting news, we are delighted to announce we have added an e-signature tool to TM3! We are a little different to our competitors and because we build all our software in-house, meaning we don’t rely on third parties to bring you these features. It means the new feature will be live with no clunky integrations - just seamless efficiency to help you get your patient notes completed faster.

So, what is e-signature?

Our e-signature feature gives you the tools to scrap paper records. It can be accessed through our Clinical Notes software and just like the rest of our software, it is simple in design and easy to use.

To get started, simply edit a clinical notes template, drag a signature panel to the template, save, load your notes on a tablet or touch screen device and have your patient sign-off treatments and case notes in seconds without the need for printing and scanning. Saving time and money!

Why does your clinic need it?

The chances are you will have used an e-signature solution somewhere recently. In today’s society, everything we do involves technology. Most clinics have a need for electronic signature abilities. It saves time, allows you to monitor signatures in real time, and - when used in collaboration with clinical notes - it helps patient record documentation remain controlled and secure.

If your clinic is still reliant on a pen and paper signature, processing your clinical notes with electronic signature will now allow you to streamline your signature and record keeping processes whilst reducing the risk of a GDPR breach at the same time.

To see a demo of TM3 with e-signature and clinical notes, get in touch with our experts today and we’ll find a solution that works for your practice.

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