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Posted 13 October 2020 in , Business and Marketing

Andra Health Team

If the Coronavirus has brought any positives, it’s the acceleration of digital transformation in the healthcare and fitness industries. It’s safe to say that the fitness industry has always been a couple of steps ahead of the healthcare industry in terms of embracing technological advances. However, with the rising popularity of wearables and with big tech companies now shining a spotlight on the wellbeing of their customers, 2020 has pushed those in private practice to diversify their services and embrace a more digital approach to client management and delivery of services.

Recently we caught up with a number of our multidisciplinary clients to find out more about their digital services, offerings and use of TM3 Connect. This week, we had a chat with Katie Ballard of KTB Rehabilitation to find out more about their business model and why it works for not only them but also for their clients. Based in Kent, KTB offer a range of services including physiotherapy treatments and classes, additionally they now offer package-based treatment and classes plans to their clients via TM3 Connect.

Hi Katie, thanks for taking the time out of what is no doubt a busy schedule to catch up with us. Why don’t you tell us a bit about your business to get things started?

“We started KTB rehabilitation over 15 years ago now and we have seen many changes over the years. Previously we had multiple clinics seeing referred clients however we now see private clients and those with private healthcare insurance from one busy high street location here in Kent.

Our primary focus is offering physiotherapy led Pilates classes and private physiotherapy. As sole director, I have an amazing team of 5 physiotherapists and 4 administrators. With a heavy focus on Pilates, I developed Prescribed Pilates and taught this approach to physiotherapists to teach from our clinics.”

We are seeing more businesses turn to a multidisciplinary model to incorporate classes and other services into their offering. How important has this been for your business?

“From the get-go, Pilates has always been central to our business and is a fundamental part of our offering. We also offer additional services including acupuncture and clinical massage; however, all our services are physiotherapy driven.

By offering both treatments and classes, we often have patients or clients coming for one service and transitioning into another which is great for improving the length of time clients stay with us. Infact we have clients who have attended weekly for the last 15 years! Clients have seen me get married and have 3 children!”

Over the last 4 months, things have been challenging for class providers - will you continue offering digital alongside face-to-face classes now that your premises is opened again?

“We spent the period of lockdown improving the digital experiences for our clients. We upgraded to TM3, incorporated the new solution TM3 Connect into our setup and took the time to make the most of the Mailchimp and PhysioTech integrations.

For treatments, we are ready for virtual therapy and for classes we deliver these both in clinic and virtually – creating a hybrid model for clients. We are certainly much more prepared now to respond to further lockdown or make a switch to virtual only services. Having the option of virtual services is great for those who prefer to limit their social contacts, want to maintain strict social distancing, or who are protecting vulnerable household members or themselves. It also means those who need to cancel due to self-isolation can switch to a virtual class and not miss out. Those with a busy schedule or who do not want to travel can also make the most of our virtual services.”

We noticed that you have been taking advantages of the Packages feature on TM3 Connect. How have you found your package-based model and how have your clients reacted to this approach?

“We find that clients actually much prefer to buy packages rather than individual treatments or classes. They like consistency that packages offer in treatments and by purchasing a package it allows them to secure a space regularly. It’s definitely the way forward to healthcare and fitness.”

Thanks for your time Katie! Any final comments on what you the future holds for your business before you go?

“More digital experiences and more flexibility with how we deliver services. We want to employ a 21st century approach. The use of virtual contact to benefit from CPD, and meeting and working with other professionals. But same hands on quality service!”

If you would like to know more about how TM3 Connect can support your multidisciplinary clinic with online bookings, packages, subscriptions and more. Get in touch with our sales team today.
Posted 13 October 2020 in , Business and Marketing

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