Are You Losing Patients To Online Bookings?

Posted 10 May 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

TM3 Online Bookings

Whenever a patient or potential new patient goes online to search for a practice near them, they’ll be faced with a wealth of options from single practitioners to multiple location practices and niche specialists to multi-disciplinary clinics. So, what makes a customer settle on a clinic for their treatment?

More often than not it’s convenience. We live in a culture of convenience; patients like to be able to book things the way they like and at a time that suits them. Social media and a website are table stakes for most businesses these days, meaning you have to have them to compete however, are you making the most of your channels in order to attract new patients and retain existing ones?

Catering for the modern patient

For patients, finding time to call a clinic during working hours isn’t always feasible. Additionally, a huge portion of people find their pain to be worse late at night or in the early hours of the morning when they are unable to sleep. Typically, this is when they act and go searching for an appointment to be seen.

If your clinic is not open to receiving online bookings, the chances are that they will go elsewhere in order to have an appointment secured there and then. However, accepting online bookings is only half the battle these days. Even if you do already accept online bookings, are your patients aware of this?

Unlock the potential in your practice with online bookings and MailChimp

TM3’s online bookings tool opens up your clinic to receive bookings at any time of the day via your existing website. By implementing online bookings, TM3 allows you to reduce time spent answering phones during business hours and streamline administration by capturing patient details online at the time of booking.

Coupling our online bookings tool with our new MailChimp integration allows you to create a multi-channel approach. Let your existing and potential patients know that you accept online bookings, send promotional offers/newsletters to remain current and drop booking links directly in their inbox to improve your clinics chances of retaining and acquiring patients!

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