Scaling Back To Full Operations After COVID-19

Posted 8 July 2020 in , Business and Marketing

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Earlier this year, we launched our latest innovation - TM3 Connect. Designed to transform the operations of clinics, studios, and gyms by bringing all processes under one roof. With Connect, we wanted to give businesses the tools needed to take a step into the self-service society, granting therapists, instructors, and trainers more time to spend on delivery of services – something that will be vital for generating maximum revenue during coronavirus recovery. Unfortunately, the release of Connect coincided with the arrival of COVID-19 which saw clinics, studios and gyms as some of the worst hit industries.

Whilst coronavirus has presented a range of problems for business owners, it also triggered some welcome changes. Over the past few months, there has been a transformation in the way we interact with loved ones, do our work, travel, get medical care, spend leisure time, and conduct many of the routine transactions of life. These changes have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies at lightening scale and pace, across every sector. “We are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain,” remarked one tech CEO. He is right. Through the COVID-19 recovery, digital adoption will play a defining role for the healthcare, wellness, and fitness industries.

Client behaviour, local economies and digital adoption

During the initial recovery period of partial reopening, your clinic, studio, or gym will face some fundamental challenges. One is that client behaviour and demand patterns have changed significantly and will continue to adapt. Another is that how the economy bounces back to life will differ regionally – and is likely to be localised.

For example, your clients may feel comfortable going for physiotherapy sessions before they will consider going to a group class. Early signals of increased demand will likely come suddenly, and in clusters based on guidelines and community views. Analysing these demand signals in real time and adapting quickly to bring services back will be essential for clinics and studios to successfully navigate the recovery.

To address these challenges, you will not only need to set a digital plan - and deliver it quickly –, but you will also need to ensure you are only paying for what is essential to protect your bottom line. Which presents the question; how can you adopt a digital solution which ensures your business can adapt at speed without incurring additional costs?

Pay as you go appointments, classes and sessions on TM3 Connect

Unlike other clinic or studio management software providers, we offer a unique pay-per-click pricing option. This means your practitioners, instructors and staff can take full advantage of TM3 whilst you only pay for what is being booked.

With Connect, you can setup all of your services online to be turned on for online booking and payment at the flick of a switch – allowing you to react to trends within seconds. Connect will you to open your business to online bookings and payments, automate digital registration forms and integrate your favourite marketing platforms. Importantly, all staff will be bookable via Connect with PPC appointments, meaning you can test service uptake without having to pay for a full licence to do so – essentially risk free.

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