Streamlining processes for post-Coronavirus success

Posted 2 June 2020 in , Business and Marketing

Operational Success
For most clinics, recovering from the effects of Coronavirus will mean streamlining operations to allow for more efficent onboarding. Enhancing their marketing in order to catch some of the patients now up for grabs as discussed in our interview with Paul Gough. Polishing their digital presence to make sure their online bookings stand out and are as slick as possible, and striving to achieve speedier payments in order to improve cashflow.

Step into the self-service society with TM3 Connect, giving you the freedom to spend more time delivering treatments, classes and marketing your business whilst your software does the heavy lifting in the background.

ğŸŽ£Attracting clients and standing out

Integrate some of your favourite marketing platforms with your TM3 Connect page. Hook your service URLs up to Google or Facebook Ads, send offers to your patient list via MailChimp and measure success with Google Tag Manager and Analytics integrations.

ğŸŽ«Online Bookings

Once you've caught the attention of a potential client with your marketing efforts, they'll land on your TM3 Connect site (which can be embedded on your current website, used as a standalone tool or bundled into a mobile app for your clinic). Connect is whitelabelled, meaning you can add your own branding to stand out from the crowd. It's the most dynamic and efficient bookings platform on the market and allows you to list and sell a range of services including classes, appointments, offers and more.

💳Online Payment

You’ve managed to get a prospect through the first stage by selecting a time for their appointment however reducing DNAs and timewasters will be vital for success. Once a client has selected their appointment, class, package or subscription from your Connect page - they can make payment online by card. Clients will then be given an online account for your clinic where they can manage their own diary, payments, forms, consent etc without having to engage with your reception team or practitioners.

📱Digital Forms

Booking now complete! Once a booking is complete, clients will automatically be sent a digital registration form via SMS or email to be filled in online. Forms are fully customisable for your businesses requirements and are great for gathering consent, Coronavirus screening and marketing opt-in - all of which syncs back to the client record in TM3 without the need for manual keying.

ğŸŽ«Video Consultations

We expect many clinics will continue to offer video consultations as things begin to reopen. If you are currently offering video consultations, TM3 will automatically send the meeting code to patients when the booking is made via your Connect site. This means you can conduct video consultations without the need for multiple systems or finding meeting codes - all whilst completing clinical notes at the same time.

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