Step Into The Self-Service Society

Posted 10 March 2020 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

Society has progressively moved more and more towards self-service during the last decade, it’s almost everywhere you look and often you’ll be using a self-service process without even realising. However, many areas of the wellbeing and healthcare industry have been slow to adapt..

It’s no secret that clients like to be able to book things in their own way, they like the freedom of managing their own diary, communications, details and payments however does your clinic or studio have the ability to deliver this experience?

Learning from other industries

Since 2015, the number of passengers who have booked and checked-in for flights online via either a website or mobile app has almost tripled whilst those who book by phone and check-in at the airport has fallen by around 60%. Airlines who have been slow to embrace digital fulfilment or those who offer a poor digital experience have found themselves in trouble, take Flybe for example.

We have also seen the exponential growth of self-service gyms such as Pure Gym and Any Time Fitness. Two brands who are really winning in the gym space because their systems allow for ease of access and a user-friendly experience, there is no need for phone calls or filling out paperwork, it’s simple self-managed membership.

One of the key components behind the success of self-service in both these industries is digital innovation, the platform is there to allow clients and customers to easily access bookings, make payments, track memberships, fill out forms online and most importantly it is convenient for them to do from the comfort of their own homes or on the go.

Step into the self-service society with Connect

Learning from the models of other industries could be key in helping the wellbeing and healthcare industries flourish, however we also understand the importance of human interaction. With TM3 Connect, we have developed the tools to allow you to deliver the perfect blend of this for your clients.

Clients will be able to access your services and classes via your web-app, social integrations or website 24/7, allowing them to book and pay for classes, sessions and appointments. Onboarding forms can be automated to be sent via SMS and Email and filled out via their client login on your Connect site. Clients can purchase packages and subscriptions, check remaining balances and download invoices all at the touch of a button.

The clinics and studios of the future are already creating an immersive experience for their clients – don’t get left behind. To learn more about Connect, click here to book a demo.

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