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Posted 21 October 2020 in , Business and Marketing

Spectrum Health London

Recently we caught up with a number of our multidisciplinary clients to find out more about their business model. This week we had a chat with Rob Foyster, Director and Lead Physiotherapist of Spectrum Health UK to find out more about their business model and why it works for not only them but also for their clients. Based in London, Spectrum offer a range of services including physiotherapy treatments and classes.

Hi Rob, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Tell us a bit about the background of Spectrum Health UK, when you started and who is involved?

“Spectrum was inspired by a bold new vision of physiotherapy – one driven by your needs, your body, and a seamless, multi-disciplinary team of specialists committed to getting you back in the game stronger, faster. We take an innovative and proactive alternative to traditional methods, removing time constraints to ensure all our clients’ needs are met to achieve their health-related goals.

We opened doors in 2019 with our Co-Directors and Head Physiotherapists Rob Foyster and Ant Brightwell and since then have over doubled our staff to bring in a variety of practitioners from a range of backgrounds.”

We are seeing more businesses turn to a multidisciplinary model to incorporate classes and other services into their offering. How important do you think this approach is for the MSK industry?

“Well, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team is integral to achieving our vision at Spectrum.

Musculoskeletal science is ever-changing and evolving and so why not involve the expertise of multiple clinicians where we have the opportunity to? The saying goes “two heads are better than one” and in healthcare, this phrase could not be more appropriate. We translate this into offering an array of services and providing any and all to our clients in a session that they would benefit from, at one flat fee. This includes any specialist treatments such as shockwave therapy and the Game Ready Ice and Compression Unit – our vision is to provide easier access to bespoke physiotherapy so that our clients can receive the personalised treatment they need to recover faster, overcome injury and reach their potential.”

Spectrum Health UK

How has this model helped your business to grow?

“In so many ways! Bringing in clinicians with different skills sets allows for the customer experience to be optimised, as well as the professional development of colleagues to prosper. We are lucky enough to have clinicians who come from a variety of different health-related degrees, who have worked in different countries and settings that vary from community and aged care right through to professional sport clubs. Clients of ours rave about the team approach to their care, as it allows for them to come in and see multiple clinicians in the one appointment. We boast our true collaboration to ensure our patients receive the best care that can be offered.”

By offering classes alongside treatments, have you seen an improvement in the length of time a client stays with you?

“Part of our vision upon opening doors last year involved a progression to an array of class-based therapy to accompany our appointment-based services. Whilst we had commenced this earlier this year with the introduction of our Yoga classes, sadly the COVID-19 Pandemic has put a hold on further service additions for the time being. We can say from experience working at previous clinics that classes being led by expert specialists can be a fantastic adjunct to assist a client in achieving their health-related goals.

Spectrum Health London Clinic

Do often you see clients come for one service and then transition into another?

“Of course! Transitioning between services based on client goals is integral to progression, as well as our proactive approach to injury prevention.”

Thanks for your time Rob, before you go - what do you think the future holds for your business model and do you plan to add more services, package and subscription-based plans?

“What an interesting time it is to try and predict what the future holds! All I can say is…watch this space. Our services only look to expand from here as the country (and world) continue to appreciate just how important our health and wellbeing is.”

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Posted 21 October 2020 in , Business and Marketing

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