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Posted 1 June 2021 in , Business and Marketing, TM3 News Healthcare Subscription Model
Over the last decade, the way we communicate, and conduct business has been evolving at a faster rate than ever before. Thinking back to just 8 years ago, it would be unthinkable that your courier would send an automated text about your upcoming delivery or that PureGym would be automating their sign-up process to include membership codes sent by SMS. Whilst text messages are in no way a new development, usage has been accelerated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes it has brought to how we live, conduct business, and connect are likely to be permanent.

Text messages are undergoing a major revolution, and the opportunities that SMS deliver for you to connect with your clients are paramount.

Not only is SMS affordable, but it is also:

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Simple to use
  • Widely adopted
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly deliverable
  • Fully automated
  • Enables 2-way communication
  • Is preferred by consumers across all demographics

In short, there is no more economical or effective way to drive engagement, enhance client satisfaction, and boost your clinic or studios revenue than by using text messaging to communicate with your clients.

SMS text messaging has long been the preferred way to communicate with clients and customers. It offers a fast, personalised and highly deliverable method of getting your message to your audience. Infact, open rates for text messages vastly surpass email open rates – 98 percent versus just 20 percent for email.

Consider these points:

    Massive Growth and Opportunity of SMS

    The use of SMS has exploded worldwide since February 2020, with more people using it to maintain contact with friends, family, employers, and colleagues. Its use has also increased for making appointments, sending information, managing deliveries, receiving updates and alerts from schools and universities, and more. It has also been the primary method of receiving COVID-19 test updates and results.

    Fast and Reliable Communications

    Text messaging is the fastest, most reliable way for a business to reach the majority of its customers or clients. This is extremely important, as most business operators report that they experience challenges when calling their customers on the phone or generating fast responses using email or direct mail.

    SMS Works

    According to market research, more than 30% of businesses currently using SMS adopted it in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the vast majority intend to continue using SMS in the future as a crucial (if not their primary) client communication channel.

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Your Clients Point of View

Consumers, on the whole, welcome text messages from their preferred businesses and brands. They appreciate reminders, forms, links, and view SMS as convenient and unintrusive. In terms of the changing world, consumers are generally spending much more time on their smartphones than before. Infact, according to recent research, the average person checks their mobile more than 160 times a day.

Of all messaging tools, the texting app is one of the most frequently accessed and far outweighs the use of voice calls. Other popular messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are great however usage and app-installation is typically defined by demographic whereas SMS apps are native to all smartphones – ensuring maximum reach.

Your Business Perspective

The value of text messaging for businesses is worth far more than just an appointment or class reminder, text messaging can be utilised for:

  • Appointment, class and course reminders
  • Service updates and notification of changes to schedules
  • Clinic, Studio and Business information
  • Billing and payment requests
  • Digital form notifications
  • Lapsed payment reminders

It’s easy to see that, for both business and consumers, text messaging is an intrinsic asset for your healthcare or fitness business and must be adopted for optimal service delivery.

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