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Posted 4 March 2021 in , Business and Marketing, TM3 News, Events

Connect Benefits

TM3 enhances the operations of healthcare and fitness businesses of all sizes because our system can flexibly scale to fit any discipline, service or user count. But one of the most amazing parts of our job is seeing the real-world impact that TM3 can have on small clinics or studios..

There are challenges unique to running a private practice or fitness studio. For example, delivering multiple services with just a handful of people and limited budget while prioritising time and resources to make it all happen efficiently. However, these problems can be solved with TM3 Connect.

TM3 Connect provides you with an end-to-end business management solution for efficient clinic, class and client management. Our solution works with you, empowering you to accomplish more and giving you the freedom to focus on delivery of services.

Any clinic or class management solution should not only help your growing business achieve its goals, but also help meet its constantly evolving needs. TM3’s flexibility, ease of use and continued innovation, simplifies how business around the world manage their operations, enhance client experiences, and attract more clients.

Here are five reasons why your business needs TM3 Connect to grow your client base, transform your operations, and scale your business.

1. TM3 Connect is easy to setup

As a healthcare provider or fitness instructor, you’re doing big things, keeping the nation in shape and acting as IT support or a website developer shouldn’t be one of them! You want to get clients on your booking platform as soon as possible so you can start filling diary slots and generating revenue.

TM3 provides you with a straight-forward yet intuitive bookings platform, fully customisable to your brand and service offering. Simply list your services, pop-in your images and branding and launch to the masses in the click of a finger! In short, you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to build and launch your TM3 Connect bookings site. However, that said, your dedicated account manager will be on hand should you get stuck.

2. The way people interact with businesses has changed

Remember the days when your clients phoned to book appointments and classes, attended sessions at bricks-and-mortar locations and paid cash in-person? The world is a very different place now. The last 12 months have necessitated participation in online shopping, digital payments and virtual services even their biggest opponents.

Clients are now consumers of healthcare and fitness services. We live in a self-service society where people like to book and pay for things how and when they please. With TM3 Connect, clients can manage their own agenda, consent, bookings, payments, forms and more from their smartphone without needing to dial your reception.

3. Improve digital visibility and track booking conversions

In a competitive marketplace, brand identity, perception and visibility are imperative to growth of your business. Following a turbulent 2020, we know that every penny matters and when our clients told us they needed to be able to track online booking conversion source – we delivered.

With TM3 Connect, you’ll be able to push your website, Google Ads, social media and email marketing traffic directly to the relevant services for online booking. Our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations make it easy to track conversion source for new and existing bookings. This means you’ll be able to make informed decisions on your client acquisition strategy equipped with real-time data. Providing you with insight and metrics that you won’t get with any other system.

4. Reduce admin overheads and transform your client experience

Long gone are the days of having multiple physical touch points when a client enters your premises. We know that social distancing will eventually be a thing of the past however, the habits and trends established during the pandemic are here to stay. Having clients complete paper forms on their first appointment? Very 2019.

Streamline data collection processes from client onboarding forms such as PAR Q and registration to outcome measure collation such as PREMs and PROMs. TM3 Connect gives you the tools to automatically send flexible forms, suited to your business, when a client registers online. All forms are then completed in your branded client portal and the data automatically syncs back to the client record in your TM3 system, meaning no more printing costs and admin nightmares.

5. Expand your service offering and mitigate financial risks

Have you ever thought about expanding your service offering? Maybe you’ve considered running a class at your private practice but don’t want to make the financial commitment? Or vice-verse, considered offering physiotherapy services from your gym or Pilates studio?

Test and expand your service offering in the most cost-effective way with pay-as-you-go appointments and classes on TM3 Connect. Our unique pricing model means you can create a new bookings service for your experiment, market it through our integrations and direct URLs and measure the effectiveness of it through the Google Tag Manager integration. If it’s not a success – then it’s nothing lost, nothing gained! If it is, then you can easily scale availability and marketing with TM3.

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Don’t risk all the hard work you’ve put into building your healthcare of fitness business by choosing a system that can’t scale with you. TM3 provides leading clinic and class management software for businesses of all sizes and disciplines.

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