Competitors: TM3 vs Power Diary

Posted 13 September 2019 in , Business and Marketing

TM3 vs Power Diary

Recently a number of our competitors have popped-up with comparison pages between themselves and their competitors (including us). We’ve seen Cliniko do this with most of the market, sizing themselves up against Nookal, Jane App, etc. and recently we noticed Power Diary are doing it.

Firstly, you might be asking yourself all these comparison sites, surely the information is the same? It’s actually all about SEO Marketing and rankings on Google. If you’ve been shopping around for a new practice management solution then you’ll likely already know that most software providers say the same things. If we’re being honest we all have similar features and it’s the small things that make each one unique and a possible fit for your clinic.

We would rather let our software and services do the talking but in the spirit of playing ball, let’s take a look at how we size up against Power Diary for your clinic or practice.

Practice Management Software

As we mentioned, characteristically a lot of Practice Management systems are similar across the market. Much like us here at TM3, with Power Diary you get a patient management system, reception management tools which includes diary and communication tools, online bookings software linking back to your diary and SOAP/Clinical Notes software to help you digitalise your treatment note taking. Good news – we have all of these too.

Where we begin to differ from Power Diary is in our clinic reports and analytics tools. Our close relationships with the big players in the industry allow us to build reports that really matter. Recently we released our BUPA report tool which you won’t find on any other practice management system and early feedback tells us that practitioners are saving hours on manual keying of data, granting them more time to spend with patients.

With TM3, we also offer a range of extra services that you won’t find on Power Diary such as our 24/7 reception service, which allows clinics to recieve bookings by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need for a receptionist.

Power Diary Integrations

Power Diary offer a couple of integrations such as Xero for accounting, Stripe for payments and Mailchimp for practice marketing which cover the basics of clinical operations. Whilst we also offer a Mailchimp integration, we believe our financial reporting to be far superior than that of Power Diary so don’t see a need for Xero integration (you can export data and upload to accounting software though).

With TM3 you’ll also have access to our sister product Pronto, which makes working with referral patients a far more seamless process. You’ll also get Healthcode integration on TM3, allowing you to send your insurance invoices electronically and process bills for virtually every medical insurer. This means you’ll be able to attract, treat and invoice for insurance work all within your practice management system, you won’t find that journey on Power Diary.

Power Diary Customer Service

Power Diary offer a web form for contact, live chat or the ability to leave a phone number and request a call-back. They have local staff based in England and two senior team members based in France who help to provide customers with support until 10pm UK time.

With TM3, we have a dedicated customer support centre at our offices in Belfast with the highest headcount of support staff out of all the practice management software providers. Our phone operators are on hand between 8am and 5:30pm each day as well as live chat, out of hours social media and email support. We’ve been described as the gold standard of customer service and we’re here to help your clinic succeed.

Power Diary Data

GDPR has been a hot topic for practitioners since its introduction and both where and how your data is stored should be a hot topic when choosing a practice management system. From the Power Diary website, there is no immediate evidence of where their data is stored but they do comply with GDPR it says.

With TM3, we store all of our data at two sites in London and Manchester which are accredited to ISO standards. We also adhere to all GDPR legislation and actually our software can help you adhere to GDPR at your clinic also!

We could keep going on here but by now you are exactly 700 words into this blog and you’ve probably read enough to give you a good insight into the differences however why not book a demo with one of our consultants who would be better placed to show you through the system? It’ll be easier to show than to tell.

Posted 13 September 2019 in , Business and Marketing

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