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Posted 15 October 2020 in , Business and Marketing, TM3 News

Zoom Fitness Classes

Over the last 7 months, COVID-19 has impacted every facet of our economy. Although most fitness and wellness businesses have now established some sense of normality, we are operating in unchartered territory. The traditional in-person model that the fitness and wellness industries were built on has suffered unprecedented disruption this year, disruption that looks set to continue for the foreseeable. As an inevitably long winter looms, virtual appointments and classes will be invaluable in ensuring both the survival and growth of clinics and studios throughout the colder months.

With that said…

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming Zoom integration for classes and group appointments! The integration is in the final stages of testing and will be released shortly.

Why clients continue to choose Zoom fitness classes and online sessions?

There are a number of reasons clients will opt to continue using virtual sessions or classes. Whilst lower cost sessions can be appealing for consumers of healthcare services, the at-home options shine a spotlight on the convenience of on-demand healthcare and fitness.

Nobody knows how the winter months will play out with local lockdowns and spikes in Covid-19 cases and this is why we recommend incorporating an omnichannel business model. By offering a digital experience alongside in-person services you’ll be best placed to navigate the challenges of late cancellations due to lockdowns and self-isolating clients, allowing your business to react at speed to any unforeseen obstacles.

Zoom TM3

Why Zoom?

Back in April, we launched our integrated video solution for one-to-one appointments to allow TM3 clients to react quickly to a fluid situation. Whilst this is still available for all TM3 clients, the limitations on attendee numbers led us to market leaders Zoom for group sessions and online fitness classes. Coupled with TM3 Connect, our Zoom integration gives you the tools to offer clients a fully digital end-to-end solution for appointments and classes.

The Zoom integration compliments the existing features on TM3 Connect which allows businesses to adopt a self-service omnichannel model, ultimately creating a low-touch client experience. By teaming up with Zoom you can take advantage of the great features available on both platforms to transform the way your digital services run. In addition to this, our unique PAYG pricing model for classes and appointments is perfect for helping businesses navigate these challenging times. With PAYG pricing, you’ll pay only for booked fitness classes or appointments meaning you won’t be paying for a system that isn’t being utilised whilst revenue is low.

Is Zoom secure?

Earlier this year there were concerns about the security and vulnerabilities of Zoom. Since then Zoom has taken accountability and has implemented several controls to improve its security. As with all of our integrations, Zooms security was tested by our dedicated infosec team to ensure it passed all of our compliance tests.

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