TM3 Solutions

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Physical Therapy

Manage appointments, classes, practitioners and patients. Take online bookings and payments. Analyse practice performance. Attract, treat and retain clients.

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Fitness Classes

Manage classes, 1-2-1 sessions, courses, instructors and clients. Take online bookings and payments. Deliver sessions in person or online and analyse studio performance.

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Talk Therapy

Manage appointments, therapists and clients. Take online bookings and payments. Send digital consent and screening forms. Analyse practice performance.

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Hospitals & Large Clinics

TM3 excels in large clinics and hospitals by enhancing clinical record keeping, operations and patient experience.

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‘We're now using a lot less paper at the clinic. Everything's on TM3 from invoices and appointment reminders to consultation notes and classes.’

Andra Health - Physiotherapy, Pilates & Counselling Clinic