Excel Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Excel have trusted TM3 as their chosen clinic management system since first opening their doors in 2016, as their business has evolved - TM3 has moved with them.

Excel Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
Jenny Murray is co-owner of Buckinghamshire based Excel Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. Now with three clinics and an ever-growing team of 6, Jenny and business partner Owen Gerrie started the business back in September 2016 having spent years working in private practices. TM3 has been the chosen practice management system for Excel since their doors opened back in 2016 and as their business has evolved, our software has too._

Now expanding their services to offer more than just treatments, Excel clients can now book the likes of online consultations and pilates. In line with this, Excel require a system that allows them to manage both appointments and classes without the need for multiple systems. We caught up with Jenny to get her feedback on why TM3 remains their chosen clinic and class management software.

Excel Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic been a TM3 client for the last 4 years, how has the system helped with operations?

“We have a set up where our physios work across 2 or 3 sites and TM3 has enabled us to manage the diary systems fairly seamlessly. During COVID-19 it meant we could switch to Virtual Consultations immediately and everyone could access the diary and patient notes which made a huge difference to how our business coped during the initial lockdown phase.

As a business owner the reports are really helpful, and we love the ability to have bespoke reports made that fit our business model. I think the best thing for us is the extremely patient, knowledgeable and friendly support team who help us when we are trying to do something new or if there are any issues - they are quick to respond and in four years have always found a solution.”

In such a fast-paced society businesses often change their software or continually shop around. Fortunately, we see the majority of our clients stick with us over a huge amount of time, what has made you stick with us?

“No system is perfect, and no internet connection is always guaranteed so there have been occasional frustrations, but they have always been dealt with quickly and efficiently with good communication. We have not had the motivation to look elsewhere as the system works well for us.”

You recently made the move to TM3 Connect, what were the drivers behind this move?

“With COVID-19 our business has had to change and the ability to collect online payment via Stripe was a big draw for us. It is not suitable for all patients but for the majority of self-funders it has made them pay more promptly and for our admin team who have to reconcile payments, the integration has made a big difference.

The forms feature is also really helpful - with the registration form it means no front sheets to load onto the system saving admin costs and the ability to have consent boxes ticked and submitted online helps us comply with regulations. We have consent forms for Virtual and Face to Face consultations and these can now be so easily sent from the patient record and then stored with a couple of clicks.

We have not yet explored the class manager and booking feature but looking forward to using that once our Pilates classes start back up in person!”

Finally, with so many new features available in Connect - what is your favourite Connect feature?

“I think I have two equal contenders - Forms and Online Payments have both streamlined and reduced admin load which helps in the current environment.”

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The Digital Forms and Online Payments have both streamlined and reduced admin load which helps in the current environment.
Excel Physio and Sports Injury Clinic Clinic & Classes

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