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Gordon Bosworth has been involved in elite sport most of his life. Discover why he trusts TM3 to run his clinical operations.

Gordon Bosworth, Founder and Clinical Director of The Bosworth Clinic, has been involved in elite sport for most of his life. Specialising in performance therapy, Gordon has been an instrumental part of the Great British Winter Olympic team setup over the last 20 years as well as running a multi-practitioner clinic

Tell us a bit about your background, yourself and your clinic.

“I was a Senior Governing Body Physiotherapist to the British Bobsleigh and Bob-Skeleton Team between 1996 and 2006, a member of the Great Britain Teams at the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano (1998), Sochi, Salt Lake City (2002) and Torino (2006); Medical Lead for the Canadian Speed Skating Team at Vancouver Games (2010) and Chief Physiotherapist to British Athletics at the London Games (2012). More recently I worked with the Canadian #1 Women’s Bobsleigh and Cross-Country Teams at the PyeongChang Games (2018) and today I am still heavily involved in the field of elite sport.

The Bosworth Clinic is situated in Cassington, Oxfordshire. We are a teaching practice and the Clinic hosts 7 treatment rooms, a neurological rehabilitation studio, large rehabilitation gym and Pilates studio. Our clinic ethos is that through a multi-disciplinary integrated approach, the treatment and management process available to our top athletes can be available to all.

The team includes MSK Physiotherapists, Neurological Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Strength & Conditioning Trainers, Sports Massage Therapists, Nutritionist, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Sports and Performance Psychologist.”

What was the thought behind implementing a practice management solution?

“Back in 2013 we knew implementing a practice management system was a no-brainer. From the offset we wanted to ensure that all facets of the clinic were compliant and by using automating processes from diary management and collecting payments to clinical data – TM3 has undoubtedly helped to reduce errors and streamline/record standard tasks and processes.”

What factors contributed to the decision to choose TM3 and how has it benefited your clinic?

“Having an MSK therapy dedicated practice management system hosted within the UK was a big tick in the box. At the time the system had everything we required with integrated features and development plans for a cloud-based system.

In a fast paced and dynamic environment, TM3 has helped maintain and improve our practice organisation and efficiency, allowing us to focus on and deliver the quality of customer service and patient care we aim to provide.”

How would you rate our teams and the journey from initial enquiry to sales to customer care?

“Our journey has been plain sailing. We have had and continue to receive the support we need when required from the helpful team in Ireland and are kept in the loop with upgrades of new features and services!”

‘TM3 has helped maintain and improve our practice organisation and efficiency, allowing us to focus on and deliver the quality of customer service and patient care we aim to provide.’
The Bosworth Clinic Sports Therapy & Psychology

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