Mill Hill Physiotherapy

Discover why Jill Dean has trusted Blue Zinc to run operations over the last 10 years from mulitple sites to her sole practitioner clinic.

Jill Dean is the owner of Mill Hill Physio with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. From scaling her business to multiple London sites to now working as a sole practitioner, discover why Jill has trusted TM2 and TM3 to manage her operations.

Tell us a bit about your background, yourself and your clinic.

“After qualifying at Kings College Hospital in London, Jill worked for the NHS across multiple sites including the King’s, the Middlesex Hospital, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bath’s Royal National Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, before moving to the private sector at London Bridge Hospital.

In 1990 Jill set up her first physiotherapy clinic, Physio in the City, at Cannons Health Club, London. Over the next 17 years, the business expanded to form a network of clinics in Cannon Street, Canary Wharf, Docklands, Paddington, West End, Wimbledon, Sutton and Cheam inside Cannons Sports Clubs.

When Nuffield acquired the Cannons group and started their own physiotherapy network, Jill moved her clinics out of the sports clubs into separate clinics in prime locations such as Cannon Street, Paddington, Canary Wharf, Docklands and the West End. Jill then was able to expand the services of Physio in the City to not just provide physiotherapy, but to also offer Sports massage, Pilates, Acupuncture, Chiropody and Podiatry.”

Jill initially rolled out TM2 across the clinics, gradually adding features to help the business reach its potential…

“Initially we started using TM2 across the clinics to manage our bookings and accounts and made use full use of the text and email reminder systems, helping to reduce DNA’s and avoid confusion over appointment times. This was hugely successful and as Blue Zinc evolved to include client records systems, we made the move to digitalise our patient records and soon after added their online bookings function to our account.

This helped us cut down the phone calls for our reception team as well as allowing clients to make bookings 24 hours a day. Another huge advantage of having online records was that often our clients would often be happy to travel to another of our London clinics if they were not able to have a service at the regular clinic, allowing all the therapy team to access the notes and be informed of the patients past medical history and treatment history and save the client having to keep repeating this information to each therapist.”

Now operating as a sole practitioner, TM3 was Jill’s go to solution for managing her clinical operations…

“I have now cut my working hours and started a sole trader clinic in Mill Hill where I live. Before I started, I contacted Blue Zinc and am now once again using TM3. The team were most helpful in helping me set up my system and I frequently use the online chat or system info available on TM3 if I want to try something new. As a one-man band I find the system perfect.

I have added Physiotec exercise programmes to my system through TM3 and have the app on my phone and tablet which gives me the flexibility to access my records and book in patients where ever I am.”

‘This helped us cut down the phone calls for our reception team as well as allowing clients to make bookings 24 hours a day!’
Jill Dean, Physio In The City Physiotherapist

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