Leap Health | TM3 Connect Case Study

Leap Health are an Australian multidisciplinary business who gave grown from one location to seven in the last 12 years, they also recently joined TM3 Connect!

Leap Health | TM3 Connect Case Study
Leap Health are a multidisciplinary business based in Tasmania, offering clients a one-stop shop for all their healthcare and wellbeing needs. Founded back in 2008, Leap have grown from one to seven locations over the last 12 years whilst expanding their service offering from physiotherapy to now include exercise physiology, dietetics and podiatry.

Having recently upgraded their clinic management software to TM3 Connect, we caught up with Sam Blackler, IT Manager for Leap Health. We wanted to find out more about their business model, system requirements, how TM3 has streamlined processes and how we are helping to deliver clinical excellence in Australia.

As a multidisciplinary business, how has this model helped with both growth and patient recovery?

“Over the last 12 years, we have grown from offering just one to offering 4 disciplines which has been great for expanding our reach. TM3 has definitely been a big part of that as it accommodated our needs as we grew larger and larger and finding a system that was scalable was always imperative to our success.

With offering multiple disciplines our patient base has grown exponentially as we have patients come for one service and transition into another.”

You recently made the move to TM3 Connect following our Australian launch, how has this been for you?

“Connect was extremely easy to implement, much easier than I anticipated!

We have been planning on implementing online bookings for a while but with some many solutions on the market, I was unsure which way to go. TM3 made the execution so simple and quick and the support team have been on hand to guide us whenever help was required.”

Connect has a wealth of new features however what features do you like the most?

“I love the idea behind it with categories and services, which makes it extremely easy to understand. This approach is also great for multidisciplinary businesses like ours as it allows patients to navigate online bookings much easier.

Also, it is really user friendly for not only our company but also for our clients which is so important. The team at TM3 kept the platform simple in design and only implemented what is needed for the patient, so I believe anyone can use it. The look and feel of it is really professional as well which helps us to stand out.”

Any big business plans heading into the new year and how will Connect support the delivery of these?

“At Leap Health we always has something in the pipeline! At the moment we are expanding a couple of our clinics which means bringing more staff onboard. TM3 Connect online bookings will definitely play a key role in helping our new staff build a patient base quickly.”

TM3’s clinic and class management software starts at $60 per month. If you would like to know more about how TM3 can help you to manage your business to achieve operational excellence, get in touch to book a demo today.
TM3 made the execution so simple and quick and the support team have been on hand to guide us whenever help was required.
Leap Health, Tasmania Multidisciplinary Clinic

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