Lisburn Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Discover how TM3's cloud-based practice management software has streamlined operations at Lisburn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.

Iain Getty is the owner of Lisburn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, a practice of 6 Chartered Physiotherapists with over 75 years of clinical experience between them. Being a fully staffed clinic with 4 private treatment rooms, a rehabilitation room and reflexology room it’s vital for the practice to have a system in place to help with their operations. We asked Iain what sold him on TM3.

Having worked with TM2 previously, what made you consider the move to TM3?

“There were various reasons behind the decision to upgrade from TM2 to TM3. I always feel it is important to keep moving forward with IT improvements, and I feel TM3 has done just that.

From the initial dashboard, I instantly get a daily indication of revenue and debt, graphic representation of DNA’s and the number of new patients on a daily basis which is great for managing the business.

However, the significant benefit is that TM3 is cloud based which gives me the freedom to login anywhere, whether at home or in the clinic and book patients in for treatment. The price structure for each license is fair and affordable and the customer support team at TM3 listen to your needs as a practice owner regardless of size.”

How did you find the process of upgrading?

“The upgrade process couldn’t have been easier. Each physiotherapist has their own dedicated email and password credentials which gives peace of mind and the set-up is swift, non-disruptive and totally uncomplicated.”

You spoke of the functionality of TM3, what is your favourite feature?

“There are so many great features that come with TM3. The appointments booking system is more efficient and quicker than it was in TM2.

Re-booking patients is a much quicker process, and for practice owners a more simplified analysis of data programmes is at your disposal. Financial billing and records are far more efficient in TM3 than ever before.”

Would you recommend TM3 to others and why?

“I would highly recommend TM3 to any physiotherapist regardless of size. Besides the great look of TM3 there are certain must haves for any practice such as TM3’s text message appointment reminder. Using this we have reduced our DNA’s significantly and our patients love texts coming through the previous day.

Secondly, on-line bookings have expanded our practice significantly. We now receive daily bookings from patients 24/7. Patients have the luxury of booking when it suits them and regularly, I receive bookings in the early hours of the morning from patients!

Overall TM3 in my opinion is the go-to Physiotherapy Practice Management System. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. Their support network is fantastic, and if anything should go wrong, they are really quick at restoring parity!”

‘We now receive daily bookings from patients 24/7. Patients have the luxury of booking when it suits them and regularly, I receive bookings in the early hours of the morning from patients!’
Lisburn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist

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