Weybridge Physiotherapy

Discover how Weybridge Physiotherapy have transformed their note taking whilst remaining flexible with TM3s Clinical Notes Software.

Michael O’Reilly is the owner of Weybridge Physiotherapy. Weybridge are physiotherapist specialists with practitioners working across multiple sites who welcome a range of customers from self-funded to insurance referrals.

Having worked with TM2 previously, what made you consider the move to TM3?

“We were still using paper notes for all note taking and the on-going cost of onsite storage, archive storage and admin was becoming too much so we knew it was time to change to a digital solution in TM3’s Notes. The introduction of GDPR also played a role in our decision to move to TM3 as I knew our clinic required a quick and easy way to identify which data to delete for compliance.

Initially we looked at using TM2 notes, however TM3 seemed much more advanced. It was far better suited to handle the needs of the clinic being so quick accurate and flexible.”

How did you find the process of upgrading?

“I really can’t remember the technical setup and implementation, it seemed to just happen with very little input from me. I did spend a bit of time getting my templates setup right which I’d recommend anyone switching do the same as it will streamline your work going forward – what you put in is what you’ll get out!

Some of the staff in the clinic were opposed to the idea, about 50% didn’t see the need for change however I took the feedback but pressed ahead with TM3 and within a few weeks, everyone was happy that we made the switch. TM3’s clinical notes tool has allowed us to capture more detailed clinical notes in a short space of time.”

You spoke of the functionality of TM3, what is your favourite feature?

“Clinical Notes – It’s a real game changer for our physiotherapists. The reports are much more flexible and provide much better data analysis than we previously had. The benefits of moving to clinical notes have been massive, our back office used to be piled high with paper, notes everywhere. Now it’s so much tidier and a far better working environment. Moving to TM3 clinical notes is a real no brainer for anyone already using the system.

Even with insurance work and its complicated admin, TM3 helps us to be very slick and make sure we aren’t spending too much time on admin.”

Would you recommend TM3 to others and why?

“Absolutely! TM3 as a system and its Clinical Notes tool has benefited us massively.

Clinics who have not made the jump to using a system really need to consider this now as the function makes the day to day running of a clinic far more efficient. There are also other great tools in TM3 which make the clinic far more marketable and ultimately sellable, when the time comes.”

‘The benefits of moving to clinical notes have been massive, our back office used to be piled high with paper, notes everywhere. Now it’s so much tidier and a far better working environment!’
Weybridge Physiotherapy Physiotherapist

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