Client Success Stories

Discover why thousands of professionals including physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, pilates instuctors and fitness instructors trust TM3 to run their clinics and classes.

Clontarf Chiropractic Clinic, Chiropractor, Multi-Disciplinary & More

Clontarf Chiropractic have been Blue Zinc customers for the last 11 years. Discover why relationships matter so much to us.


Andra Health Clinic, Physiotherapy, Multi-Disciplinary & More

Andra Health moved to TM3 in early 2019. Discover why they chose TM3 as their practice management system.


The Bosworth Clinic, Sports Therapy & Psychology

Gordon Bosworth has been involved in elite sport most of his life. Discover why he trusts TM3 to run his clinical operations.


Jill Dean, Physio In The City, Physiotherapist

Discover why Jill Dean has trusted Blue Zinc to run operations over the last 10 years from mulitple sites to her sole practitioner clinic.


Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare, Chiropractor

Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare was established in 2000 by Julian Keel to service West & South West London.

READ Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare'S STORY

C1 Chiropractic Health Centre, Chiropractor

C1 offers chiropractic care, sports massage therapy, spinal rehabilitation, podiatry, reflexology and pilates in the centre of Bristol.

READ C1 Chiropractic Health Centre'S STORY

Eskbank Chiropractic, Chiropractor

Eskbank Chiropractic Clinic was established in May 2000 and consists of two chiropractors and two chiropractic assistants.

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Lowford Clinic, Chiropractor

Lowford Clinic was established in early 2003 by Mark Prudden and Timo Maline.

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