How Smart Physiotherapy have used TM3 Connect to drive 100% new patient growth

January 17, 2022

Smart Physiotherapy are a Physiotherapy and Massage clinic based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Like many healthcare businesses around the world, Smart Physiotherapy endured a turbulent 2020. During this time, Clinic Director Maura Moran attended our TM3 Summer School, put a focus on growth and prepared for reopening their doors to clients in July.

Having upgraded their clinic management solution to TM3 Connect, Smart Physiotherapy made use TM3s marketing integrations and automation features. As a result, the business has seen their new patient bookings more than double for the months of January and February versus last year.

Eager to discover more about their success, we caught up with the team at Smart Physiotherapy to see what factors they attribute to their accelerated growth.

Achieving over 100% growth year-on-year is an impressive achievement for any business, how have you managed this in the current economic climate?

“Whilst never a welcome event, the closure of the clinic for a few months last year allowed us to hit the reset button on some of our processes. We attended the sessions at the TM3 Summer School, and it became apparent that there were a range of features available that we were not making use of. Before this, we knew very little about the marketing tools available in TM3 and how they could help us grow – our focus was always on clinical duties however with no clients to see, it was a great opportunity to get stuck in.

We had never run any ads before but after tuning into the TM3 Google Ads webinar, we spent a couple of months trying out and refining our Google Ads. We also made more frequent use of email marketing and tested different messaging approaches. The most important thing was that we could easily track all booking conversions via the reports in TM3 and the Google Tag Manager integration allowed us to allocate resource to the channels which were showing best returns.”

How has TM3 Connect helped with this growth?

“Our old booking process had served its purpose and was quite laborious. Without going into specifics, it involved clients submitting a form on our website where we would then pick up on it and get back to them when someone was free to do so. We often that we were losing out on business as potential clients would have found another clinic by the time someone was free to call back.

Following a chat with the team at TM3, we made the decision to adapt our process and roll-out TM3 Connect. The rollout of TM3 Connect has been instrumental in our growth and has revolutionised our processes. Connect has allowed us to open up not only an online bookings site but also a self-managed client portal where our clients manage their own account.

Whilst it may seem like a small change, the reality is that it has allowed us to generate more booking conversions whilst reducing admin time spent doing call-backs. Time which is now spent delivering more sessions.”

You spoke of the marketing integrations which I guess is something many clinic owners overlook, could you give us some insight into what you are making use of?

“At the moment, we are running Google Ads and using the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations on our Connect bookings site to measure effectiveness and conversions. Once a client makes a booking, we have registration forms going out through TM3 and when submitted it then adds the client to our MailChimp email marketing list where we can send out information on packages, promotions, offers etc.

These integrations along with our Connect bookings page allow us to really join up the patient journey. Almost everything pre-appointment is automated or self-managed by a client, so all our clinicians have to do is dive into the session when they arrive.”

So, Connect and TM3 aside - what does this year hold for Smart Physiotherapy?

“Growth and expanding our offering. We plan to continue growth which includes expanding the team in the first half of the year. Alongside this, we’ll also be adding new services our offering.”

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