Memberships, Packages and Offers

TM3 gives you the tools to secure recurring revenue through memberships, design custom packages for your studio or clinic and advertise special offers to your clients through TM3 Connect.

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Enhance your customer experience and improve retention rates by building packages around the needs of your clients.

Packages are fully customisable to include a range of services such as classes, MSK treatments, nutrition services and much more.



In today’s subscription society, TM3 Connect gives your business the tools needed to secure recurring revenue from your classes.

Easily design custom subscriptions for classes and services at your clinic or studio which can be advertised and sold online via your Connect page.

Self-Service Society

It’s no secret that clients like to be able to book things in their own way, they like the freedom of managing their own diary, communications, details and payments however does your studio have the ability to deliver this experience?

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Special Offers

From time to time your clinic or studio may run special offer bundles.

Remove the manual process of selling these in person or by phone with TM3 Connect. Simply design your offer, place it on your Connect page and make your clients aware through your class marketing efforts.