Take payments for classes with ease, analyse your financial position and manage revenue without the need for data exports and uploads all with TM3.

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Integrated Payments

TM3 makes it easy for clients to pay for classes at the time of booking either via your connect page or website.

Our Stripe integration allows your clients to save their preferred payment method on their Connect account to streamline the payment process for both class provider and client.

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Payment In Person

Some clients may still prefer to pay for classes in person or at a later date after the class has been delivered.

TM3 tracks all payment activity including status, allowing you to request payment from a pre-authorised stored card to mark attendee as paid after paying in cash on the day.

What Our Clients Say...

"We now receive daily bookings from client 24/7. Clients have the luxury of booking when it suits them and regularly, I receive bookings in the early hours of the morning from clients!"

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Finance Reports TM3


Understanding your finances is just as important as delivering quality classes.

Build custom financial reports, monitor the payment status of your attendees, discover lost revenue due to no-shows and much more with the powerful reporting suite on TM3.

Invoice Wizard TM3


We understand that when dealing with group classes or corporate clients that cash or card payments aren’t always an option.

Easily generate and send invoices using TM3’s Invoicing Tool and associate the payment with a group or corporate record to ensure full audit trail of activities.