Enabling Growth

Turning clients into advocates is the easiest and most cost-effective marketing for your clinic or studio and it all starts with a great client experience.

Client First Self-Service Enabling Growth
Whitelabelled App

Branded Web App

Trigger organic growth at your clinic or studio by turning clients into advocates.

With TM3 Connect, you’ll get your own white labelled web-app at no extra cost, meaning your clients can save it to their smartphone for direct access to their account, share the link with friends and spread the word about your services.

Physio Rebooking


Retaining clients is much cheaper than acquiring new ones.

By having direct access to online bookings for your business at the touch of a button and at any time. Clients are far more likely to return to your clinic or classes with TM3 Connect than they are to go and look elsewhere.

Invest In Your Clinic

Investing in the best solution for your business is an important decision. With 18 years marketplace experience, continued innovation, expert customer service and support, join thousands of others in trusting TM3 as the right choice for your clients.

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Client Communications

Client Communications

Keep your clients engaged from the offset and throughout by ensuring communication doesn’t lapse between treatments, classes and sessions.

Send reminders, payment requests, business information and client surveys all from TM3, all of which will make your clients feel valued and drive repeat custom.


Enabling Growth

By integrating your Connect page with Google Ads, you can use TM3 as a tool for acquiring new contacts whilst driving brand awareness.

New clients can sign-up to your clinic and classes after landing on your Connect page and the data can then be used for your marketing communications.