Allow clients to become consumers of healthcare and fitness services

Step into the self-service society and improve client engagement with TM3 Connect. Giving your clients the tools they need to manage their own bookings, payments and more.

Client Experience Self-Service Enabling Growth
TM3 Client Account

Your branding, their client portal

The ‘My Account’ section on TM3 Connect allows your business to step into the self-service society.

Clients can manage all aspects of their account from payments to packages all from their own login, meaning you can focus on delivering appointments, sessions and classes.

Marketing Consent

Managing personal preferences and details

When it comes to marketing your clinic and classes, managing consent and remaining GDPR compliant can be a daunting task.

The client portal on TM3 Connect allows your clients to opt-in and out of marketing communications and select which channels they would like to be contacted on – putting the client in control.

The acceleration of a cashless society and self-managed accounts

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has changed society as we know it. From the workplace, to the classroom and consumer spending - anything digital has seen rapid acceleration. Hidden behind these developments is another digital trend: digital payments.

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TM3 Client Use

Monitoring and managing booking and payment history

Reduce the time spent on admin tasks, giving you the freedom to maximise time spent with clients.

Your clients will be able to track past visits, invoices and spending through their client portal login. Meaning your reception will spend less time collating information for clients.

Pilates Package

Managing package and subscription allowances

Give your clients a platform to manage their own subscriptions and packages.

Once a purchase has been purchased via your connect page, your clients can draw down from their packages or memberships, view balance and more from the client portal.