Attracting Patients

Attracting clients, keeping them engaged and growing your business in a competitive marketplace is no easy task. Grow your clinic today with TM3.

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Connecting clients

Connecting Clients and Clinics

Finding the best channels to attract new patients whilst balancing other clinical activities and delivering quality treatments is a challenge for clinics of all sizes.

Stand out from the crowd with TM3 Connect by building your own Connect page which allows clients to find and book and pay for appointments directly at your clinic.


Online Bookings

In a culture of convenience, it’s important to cater to the needs of your client by allowing them to book appointments the way they like and at a time that suits them.

TM3’s online bookings tool integrates directly with your clinics website to open your clinic to receiving bookings and payments 24/7. All bookings are then synced in your diary, reports and communications can be automated.

Convert more social media and website visitors to clients with TM3 Connect

Since March 2020, the landscape across the healthcare, wellbeing and fitness industries has changed dramatically and according to the stats, 70% of people now choose the “message us” button over “call us”.

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Helping your brand stand out from the crowd of clinics both online and in your local area can be difficult, even for the most established clinics.

With TM3 Connect, you’ll get your own Whitelabelled TM3 Connect Clinic web-app at no extra cost, meaning your clients can save it to their smartphone for direct access to your clinic and their own account.


Marketing Integrations

We want to ensure your clinic has all of the tools required to streamline your full journey and our marketing integrations will help you execute and analyse your clinic marketing campaigns.

Current integrations include Mailchimp, Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Ads, meaning marketing your clinic and setting up email marketing automations and measuring the effectiveness is simple.