Client Management

From basic contact information to forms and PROMs. TM3 ensures your client information is secure whilst accessible from anywhere.

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Clinic CRM

Managing your customer journey from initial enquiry to discharge whilst ensuring you consistently deliver quality treatment and communications can be a long process with many systems involved.

Easily store all contact information, forms, patient details, treatment information, payments, communication history and much more within TM3. Enhancing your compliance and clinic data protection.



Working with third party referrers and insurance companies shouldn’t mean manually collecting, managing and reporting clinical and patient reported outcomes.

TM3 gives you the tools and templates to collect PREMs and PROMs information, collate the data and bundle it into exportable reports which are often an essential criteria for working with third party insurance referrers.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Unlike other software providers, we offer a unqiue PAYG pricing model for appointments and classes to help you scale back to full operations without unnecessary overheads.

Ensure you are only paying for what is being used with TM3. To learn more about our PAYG pricing model, contact our sales team today.



Secure Client Data

We are trusted by some of the biggest private healthcare companies to safely store their client data on our UK based servers.

Practice with peace of mind know that our data centres are accredited with ISO 270001 and 90001 certifications meaning your client data is in safe hands with TM3.


Connect For Clients

Transparency, convenience and flexibility are three of the biggest factors considered by patients looking for treatments.

Allow your clients to manage their own appointment schedule with ease, track previous visits, manage and complete forms, manage payments and more with the Client Portal on TM3 Connect.