Patient Communications

Automate client communications, ensure appointments aren’t forgotten, improve your marketing efforts and keep your patients engaged from the offset and throughout.

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Waiting List Software

Appointment Waiting Lists

Avoid empty appointment slots at your clinic with automated waiting lists on TM3.

When your diary is full, clients can sign-up for the waiting list in case a cancellation comes through. When this happens, they’ll receive a timed SMS invite to accept the waiting list slot and if they decline, it simply goes to the next person on the waiting list.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Booking Reminders

DNAs account for a huge chunk of lost revenue at clinics around the world however simple SMS and Email reminders are a great tool for reducing the number of DNAs at your clinic.

Create custom templates including pre-appointment and clinic information, set the frequency of communications and focus on treatments whilst TM3 does the hard work for you.

Invest In Your Practice

Investing in the best solution for your clinic is an important decision. With 18 years marketplace experience, continued innovation, expert customer service and support, join thousands of others in trusting TM3 as the right choice for you and your patients.


Debt Chasing Communications

Debt Communications

Asking clients or patients for payment of outstanding treatment debts can be an awkward experience for many receptionists or clinic owners.

With TM3’s debt chasing tool, you’ll be able to automatically chase debts via SMS and Email with reminders sent directly to your patients including a payment link for instant card payments.

Patient Registration Forms

Digital Forms

Reduce time spent onboarding new patients and streamline the processes with Forms on TM3 Connect.

Forms are the perfect way to send information requests to your patients via SMS and can be used for patient registration, feedback surveys and treatment authorisations – all of which are filled in on the client Connect portal and visible in your TM3 system.