Payments and Finances

Streamline your payment process and manage your accounting all from one software package. Take online payments, send invoices and manage outstanding debts with TM3.

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Online Payments

Seamlessly accept online payments from your clients and patients via your website, Connect page or from links in patient communications.

Our Stripe integration allows your patients to save their preferred payment card on their Connect account, streamlining the payment process and reducing the risk of lapsed payments.



Working with groups, corporate clients or offering bespoke services sometimes requires payment via invoicing. TM3’s invoice wizard allows you to automatically generate batch invoices which can be sent to clients from within TM3.

Like all actions completed within TM3, all financial activity will be collated into your reports and dashboards to give you a better understanding of the financial health of your clinic.

What Our Clients Say...

"TM3 has helped maintain and improve our practice organisation and efficiency, allowing us to focus on and deliver the quality of customer service and patient care we aim to provide." - The Bosworth Clinic

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For times when you need to take a deeper dive into your finances, TM3 has all the information to hand.

Build custom financial reports for your clinic, manage the payment status of your patients and perform financial audits at the touch of a button.


Payment On The Day

Whilst the majority of transactions are carried out by card these days, there is still a place in society for cash transactions and some of your clients may still prefer this method.

Track all client payment statuses within TM3 to ensure your reception doesn’t miss any payments on the day.