Telehealth Software

Connecting with your clients and delivering remote consultations is simple and easy with TM3's telehealth software.

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Telemedicine Software

Telehealth Appointments

In an ever changing world, give your clients the ability to choose between face-to-face appointments and remote consultations without the need for multiple systems with TM3.

Our industry leading clinic management software comes with the tools you need to deliver quality telehealth appointments whilst remaining compliant.


Remote Consultations

Clients and patients may be unable to travel to your clinic for a variety of reasons.

With TM3's remote consultation software, you'll be able to connect with clients who are unable to make face-to-face appointments. Allowing you to triage and monitor recovery remotely via two-way video link.

Tailored Pricing

We know that no two clinics are the same and unlike our competitors, we don't believe one pricing bracket fits all. We believe a tailored/flexible approach to pricing is the best model for finding a cost that works for both parties.

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Flexible Solution

Patients want things at their own convenience, at times that suit them and with minimal disruption.

Your patients will receive an invite to join their telehealth consultation via either SMS or email and will be able to open the connection from their laptop, smartphone or tablet browser to join the session from wherever they are.


Digital Transformation

As a healthcare business, you probably know that keeping up with digital transformation whilst delivering treatments can be overwhelming.

TM3 Connect makes it easy to provide on-demand healthcare for your clients with a self-service portal to manage payments, bookings and forms whilst allowing you to deliver online consultations and record clinical notes within TM3.