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Business Management

TM3 gives you the tools to book and manage appointments, rooms, classes and staff. Analyse business performance and generate reports without detracting from time spent delivering appointments and classes.

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Clinical Excellence

Enhancing the clinical experience for patients and delivering quality treatments shouldn’t mean running multiple systems across your clinic. TM3 gives you the tools to achieve excellence at your clinic with ease.

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Attracting Clients

Attracting clients, keeping them engaged and growing your business in a competitive marketplace is no easy task. With TM3, our marketing tools will give you the tools you need to grow your business.

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Client Communications

Automate client communications, ensure appointments aren’t forgotten, improve your marketing efforts and keep your clients engaged from the offset and throughout with TM3.

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Finance Management

Streamline your payment process and manage your accounting all from one software package. Take online payments, send invoices and manage/chase outstanding debts.

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Client Portal

Step into the self-service society and improve your client engagement with TM3 Connect. Giving your clients the tools they need to manage all aspects of their account from your branded client portal.

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Why TM3?

Data Security

At TM3, we have a dedicated infosec team to ensure the data of our clients and their clients is protected to the highest possible level.

All data is stored in highly secure, ISO27001 accredited, monitored datacentres around the world. We typically store your data in the country your business operates in, for example our UK customers have their data hosted in the UK and our Australian clients have their data hosted in Australia.

Customer Experience

The evolution of online means your patient and client experience now plays a much more important role than before. Creating advocates for your clinic means transforming how you acquire and treat clients.

Immerse your clients throughout the customer journey with the client portal on Connect, online forms, digital notes, and seamless payments on TM3.

Supporting You

Support isn't just for when something goes wrong but is just as important in making sure you get off on the right foot with your clinic and studio management software.

Our leading customer support are contactable by Email, Live Chat or Phone. You’ll get a dedicated account manager, access to our Knowledge Base and a range of training options.