Automations: TM3's Newest Feature Coming Soon!

Automations: TM3's Newest Feature Coming Soon!

Our Newest Feature! Automations!

For years we’ve been asked for several features that allow you to automate processes that can take valuable time you could be spending with your client. This week we’re launching our newest feature to help you with some of the 100s of small tasks done in your clinical practice everyday that you could be spent doing something more impactful in your business. We’ve pulled together a video to show you how our newest feature works!

Here are some things Automations can help streamline in your practice.


Cancelled/DNA appointment follow up: increased opportunity to get that patient back at the clinic & reduce Patience drop off

• You now have various options on how to handle patients who have not attended an appointment due to cancellation or DNA. This can be by auto task creation for a staff member to follow up with the patient or by having comms set to chase this patient.

• Rules set to add tags to patients when the appointment is cancelled/DNA. This helps to track patients who may have dropped off allowing for marketing/comms to be sent. Rule can also be set to remove tag if future appointment is booked.


• Tags: Creating tags helps to group patients together based on certain parameters. Multiple tags can be added to patients of they fall into multiple groups.

• Ease of contact with groups of patients in one go perhaps to notify of new appointments types/new class offerings etc.

• Create after Discharge automation: Ability to follow up with patients who have completed treatments offering further classes/appointments potentially linked to injury prevention. Tags will play a part in this.


• Feedback/Surveys: With automation, you can have forms triggered at any stage following discharge enabling you to get a patients perspective on how things are at the clinic. This gives you the ability to adjust clinic practices based on feedback which can improve/streamline the service provided.


• Automated treatment reviews: Ability to send forms to clients after the event of discharge for reviews. This can be sent at any time in the future based on the automation rules/conditions.

There’s so much more in can do, but these are just some examples of how powerful our automated feature can do.

And the price? A steal at only £0.05 ex VAT, €0.06, and $0.10 AUD ex GST per action, meaning you can use it a little or a lot, depending on the needs or size of your clinical practice. If you aren’t already using TM3, please feel free to book a demo, and we’ll show you exactly how you can use Automation and so much more that TM3 has to offer when it comes to making running your clinical practice your way.