Automate the mundane tasks you do every day in your practice or studio

Take time back by automating marketing, admin activities and more

Save time, do more

Set up rules to automate the mundane tasks you do every day. From sending text reminders to customers, and managing no-shows with SMS to using tags to market to your client list, automation helps you complete tasks that help your practice run efficiently.

Market effectively

Gaining new clients is more time-consuming and expensive than working with your existing clients. Set up rules and tags to help you automate marketing prompts to rebook or attend a newly scheduled class.

Gather feedback with surveys

Automatically send surveys and forms when a patient is discharged, so you can gather feedback on the client experience.

Start your journey with a 14-day free trial

TM3 is free for the first 14 days. There's no payment upfront and we'll only ask for payment details if you wish to continue using TM3 at the end of your trial period.

Create low-touch in-person experiences and deliver end-to-end digital services with TM3. Start your trial today!

"We're now using a lot less paper at the clinic. Everything's on TM3, from invoices and appointment reminders to consultation notes and classes."

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