Achieve Clinical Excellence

Enhancing the clinical experience for patients and delivering quality treatments shouldn’t mean running multiple systems across your clinic.

Industry leading digital clinical notes software

Enhance patient experience, engagement and satisfaction while improving data security and compliance. TM3 Clinical Notes works with you, maximising interactions and time spent treating clients. Our dedicated infosec team and ISO27001 accreditation means you can safely store patient notes online with peace-of-mind.

Collecting digital signatures for cases and notes

By storing your clinical notes on TM3, you’ll not only reduce risk of a data breach but also overheads from printing. We know that from time to time there will be the requirement for patients to sign their treatments. The digital signature tool on clinical notes makes it easy to collect digital signatures, allowing you to become a paperless clinic while making your client feel more involved in the treatment process.

Start your journey with a 14-day free trial

Smart Physiotherapy seen their new patient bookings more than double for the months of January and February versus last year after joining TM3 Connect.

TM3 is free for the first 14 days. There’s no payment upfront and we’ll only ask for payment details if you wish to continue after your trial.

Flexible clinical templates, modules and bodycharts

Regardless of discipline, TM3 has clinical notes templates to suit every type of treatment. Designed in collaboration with practitioners around the world, ensuring templates are a best fit for your clinic and simple to use.

Fully configurable notes templates
Standardise treatment templates across your clinic
Streamline note taking with pre-populated assessments
All consultations are date and time stamped for audit compliance

Set recovery goals with clients and track score progress

All businesses have goals and your patient’s recovery journey is no different. With TM3’s scores and goals tool, you’ll have the ability to track patient progress by setting customisable end goals and checking in via digital forms during treatments for updates.

> Create and assign goals
> Score your patients process against defined goals
> Request updates via SMS Forms between treatments
> Articulate outcomes using graphs and charts
> TM3's intuitive practice management diary provides both reception staff and practitioners with the tools they need to manage their day, without the need for multiple systems.