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Start growing your business again today. Welcome clients back to appointments and classes with contactless bookings and payments. Transform your processes with self-managed client accounts on TM3 Connect.

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The complete business solution for clinics and classes

Streamline your client journey from acquisition to delivery, whilst improving engagement at every point with TM3.

In today's contact free society, TM3 Connect puts your clients in the driving seat. Allowing them to manage their own appointments, classes, payments, packages and receipts from the Connect client portal.

Clinic Management | Studio Management

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Private Practice

Transform your private practice with clinic management, clinical notes, online bookings, integrated payments and automated communications.

Clinic Management

Fitness Classes

Deliver classes in-studio and online. Take online bookings and payments. Sell packages, subscriptions and courses. Analyse studio performance.

Studio Management

Talk Therapy

Enhance compliance and streamline operations at your counselling clinic with digital notes, automated forms, integrated payments and booking reminders.

Counselling Software


Streamline operations, enhance compliance and improve output at your large clinic or hospital with TM3s secure and scalable healthcare solution.

Hospital Solutions

Deliver online appointments, sessions and classes

Retain clients and keep them moving in the new normal with virtual one-to-one and group sessions.

Connect with your clients in the safety of their own home with our integrated video solutions. Deliver physical therapy consultations, counselling sessions and group fitness classes.

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Enhance client screening and onboarding with digital forms

Create a low-touch in-person experience with digital screening forms on TM3 Connect.

Reduce the need for signed paperwork and enhance your COVID-19 compliance. Send automated registration and screening forms at the point of booking to completed online ahead of arrival. All of which syncs back to the client record in TM3.

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    ‘We're now using a lot less paper at the clinic. Everything's on TM3 from invoices and appointment reminders to consultation notes and classes.’

    Andra Health - Physiotherapy, Pilates & Counselling Clinic