The next generation of online bookings

Stand out from the crowd with TM3 Connect. List and sell a range of services on your custom branded bookings site, client portal, mobile app and bookings widget.

Leading appointment, class, course and event scheduling

Make it easy for new and existing clients to find availability and book services. TM3 Connect provides a range of powerful tools that mean your clients can book in a way that suits them. You can embed TM3 Connect on your website, link your bookings site to your social media account and email marketing. Ensuring your clients can always find, book and pay for services.

Your custom branded self-service client portal

Your branded client portal provides your clients with a one-stop shop for self-managing all aspects of their account. From appointments and classes to completing digital forms and managing communications preferences. Reduce admin overheads and welcome clients to the self-service society.
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Simple, safe and secure

The storage and management of sensitive client and business data is an important factor in choosing software for your business. At TM3, we have a dedicated infosec team to ensure the data of our clients and their clients is protected to the highest possible level.

As a company, we are ISO27001 accredited and all data is stored in highly secure ISO27001 data-centers in your local region.

Embedded bookings and your standalone bookings site

As well as using your branded booking site, you can embed TM3 Connect on your website so clients can find, book and pay for your services without navigating to an external site. Strengthen your brand and SEO with regular and repeat visits to your website and provide customers with complete convenience.
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Turn clients to advocates with a branded online bookings web-app

Clients save your branded Connect site as an apps on their iOS and Android devices. Making it's easy to book and pay for your services providing them with a slick, efficient service. With more and more consumers using mobile apps for commerce and information, slick mobile booking and scheduling help increase visits, bookings and revenue.