Everything your clinic needs to accept payments.

Accept card payments with our embedded payment products.

An easy way for patients to pay

TM3Pay is a fast, reliable payment product that makes it easy for patients to pay, whether it’s at reception or off-site.

TM3 comes with TM3Pay built in for all your software and payment needs.

Paying at reception

Quickly and securely accept payments at the front desk with our integrated card machines. They’re fast, have fewer manual steps, and help reduce admin by feeding accurate transaction information straight into your software, automatically linking to patient records.

Paying ahead of time

Improve the patient experience and reduce no-shows by accepting a pre-appointment payment online or over the phone by adding our integrated payment products to your booking journey - saving time for you and your patient.

Exclusive payment features

Customer experience is continually advancing, and your payment solutions can help you keep up. Future-proof your payments with a solution that’s continually evolving based on your feedback.

Why TM3Pay?

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