Streamline operations, enhance compliance and improve output with TM3

TM3 excels in large clinics and hospitals by enhancing clinical record keeping, operations and patient experience. TM3 can be integrated with a master patient record, whilst adhering to existing processes within large organisations. Just some of the many benefits of TM3 are shown below.


TM3’s revolutionary clinical records will transform the workings of any hospital department or large organisation. By giving clinicians the best in class clinical notes system, a range of benefits are enjoyed, including:

Improved recording keeping, governance and audit
Improved security and GDPR compliance
Reduced patient record retrieval and storage costs
Enhanced patient engagement
Maximised treatment times

Power for Clinicians

TM3’s clinical records module gives clinicians a powerful tool to enable consistent, accurate, secure and legible clinic note taking like never before.

TM3’s powerful clinical template engine ensures clinicians are supported, yet consistent note taking is maintained, with hugely flexible and configurable assessment and treatment templates. This enables detailed clinical governance, reporting and audit using a tool that clinicians will love.

TM3 Sketchpad

Loved by patients and clinicians alike, TM3’s revolutionary ‘Sketchpad’ enables live image and body chart annotation with a range of interactive drawing tools. A fantastic way to engage patients and enhance their clinic experience.

Flags and Alerts

Rich functionality to aid all staff by identifying patient specific issues, flags and alerts can be customised, colour coded and automatically generated based on clinical findings. Designed by clinicians, this is a superb feature.

Scores and Goals

A powerful aid to increase patient engagement and improve outcomes, TM3’s Scores and Goals allows customised progress tracking at the touch of a button. Track and prove results for your patients with this powerful tool.

Clinical Reporting, Governance and Audit

Providing a specialist tool that clinicians embrace means that detailed, granular analysis and reporting across all aspects of your rehab department is now possible.

TM3 provides detailed insight, clinical governance and audit capabilities that are second to none. With TM3 in place, clinical governance and audit is transformed, providing powerful insight and data to manage and improve services and clinicians.

Clinic Management

TM3's powerful clinic management tools ensure that running a hospital, physiotherapy or rehab clinic is done efficiently and with powerful insight into all aspects of the clinic. This includes:

Appointment and diary management
Reports and document management
Management of treatment authorisations
Integrated MSK pathways
Multiple practitioner and location management
Letters and patient communications (SMS & Email)

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Data Security

At TM3, we are ISO 27001 certified, as well as having a dedicated infosec team to ensure the data of our clients and their clients is protected to the highest possible level - giving you peace of mind.

Customer First

Immerse your clients throughout their customer journey with the client portal on Connect, online forms, digital notes, seamless payments and marketing integrations on TM3.

Leading Support

Support isn’t just for when something goes wrong but is just as important in making sure you get off on the right foot with your new clinic and class management software.