Deliver online appointments, sessions and classes with TM3 Connect

Connect with your clients in the safety of their own home with our dynamic range of integrated video solutions.

Embrace online appointments offer your clients hybrid services

Future-proof your business for the next era of healthcare and fitness. Design flexible virtual services to suit the needs of your clients. Many businesses are now offering a hybrid model, encompassing both in-person and online virtual services. TM3 gives you the tools to package both online and offline services, bundle them into packages to be sold and delivered all from one software package.

Set pain scores and recovery goals, collate VAS and PSFS information, generate reports and enhance patient engagement between appointments with digital forms.

Enhance the recovery journey with telehealth appointments

Give your clients the ability to choose between face-to-face appointments and remote consultations without the need for multiple systems. Our industry leading clinic management software comes with a range of solutions including built in TM3 telehealth and our Zoom integration.

Start your journey with a 14-day free trial

TM3 is free for the first 14 days. There's no payment upfront and we'll only ask for payment details if you wish to continue using TM3 at the end of your trial period.

Create low-touch in-person experiences and deliver end-to-end digital services with TM3. Start your trial today!

Stream your fitness classes with Zoom on TM3

Take your classes online and streamline your client journey with our Zoom integration for delivering virtual fitness classes. When your clients book online via Connect, TM3 automatically generates and sends a Zoom link to join their class. Meaning you can focus on winning business and delivering classes.

Maintain client relationships with virtual therapy sessions

Clients may be unable to travel to your practice for a variety of reasons. With TM3's remote session solutions, you'll be able to connect with clients who are unable to make face-to-face sessions. Allowing you to deliver both individual sessions and group therapy sessions online.