TM3 is partnering with Physio First - Data for Impact

TM3 is partnering with Physio First - Data for Impact

We are excited to announce the collaboration between TM3 and Physio First’s data for impact (DfI) scheme.

Who are Physio First?

Physio First is the UK’s largest trade association for private physiotherapists who have developed their DfI scheme with the University of Brighton.

What is Data for Impact?

In 2005 the Standardised Data Collection System was developed for private practitioners by Physio First, with the University of Brighton (UoB), and funded by the Private Physiotherapy Educational Foundation (PPEF).

Between 2009 and 2013 Physio First members used this system to collect data which was analysed and then published in 8 snapshot reports.

In 2013 the UoB and Physio First evolved a new, shortened version that is easier to complete. Having learned over the past 5 years “how to collect and analyse data”, they are now not only continuing to do it, but also beginning the process of learning how to use it to help Physio First and individual practitioners draw upon this analysed data to “fight their marketplace battles”, champion private practice, and back up what “we know we know”.

In short, DfI enables Physio First members to obtain national and individual reports on their patient outcomes that is independently analysed by the University of Brighton through the submission of anonymised treatment and outcome data on their patients. In turn, this information enables Physio First to champion their members evidenced value based quality to the marketplace.

Moreover it is only by participating in Data for Impact that Physiotherapists can become a Physio First Quality Assured Practitioner (QAP) or Physio First Quality Assured Clinic (QAC).

How does it work?

TM3 app users will be able to send patient outcome data directly to Physio First without going through their platform by using a TM3 template.

If you would like further information, please contact our customer success team.