TM3's Partnership with Physio First

TM3's Partnership with Physio First

TM3 is committed to foster key partnerships with the UK MSK Industry, and one of those key partnerships is with Physio First and their Data For Impact Scheme Physio First is a Trade  association of iphysiotherapists in private practice  and TM3 is a software provider for health and care professionals, with a focus on providing enhanced data management, communication and reporting. Together, TM3 and Physio First are committed to providing physiotherapists with the best possible software and data analysis to support practitioners providing best of care. Both organisations have been able to provide enhanced services to physiotherapists. Physio First members can benefit from TM3's integrated Calendar solutions, while TM3 can benefit from Physio First's knowledge and experience in the physiotherapy sector, a win, win.

What is Data for Impact?

Physio First Data for Impact is a program that helps physiotherapists collect and analyse data to better understand the impact of their treatments and interventions on the people they serve. This data can then be used to develop evidence-based protocols, inform practice decisions, and evaluate outcomes. By utilising data-driven decision making, physiotherapists can improve the quality of care they provide and further understand the impact they make on their patients.

Physio First Data for Impact is designed to help physiotherapists to track, analyse, and improve their clinical practice. Through the program, physiotherapists can collect data from their practice and use it to help identify areas of improvement. The data can help to identify trends in patient care, inform decisions regarding patient care protocols, and identify areas of quality improvement. The program also includes tools to help physiotherapists better understand the data and make decisions based on the data collected. With this data, physiotherapists can have a better understanding of their practice and make informed decisions that will lead to improved patient care.

Collecting data through the DFI scheme gives participants the opportunity to have their data analysed by a third-party independent university and where appropriate be awarded the recognisable kitemark of Quality Assured Practitioner and/or Quality Assured Clinic.

As the only practice manager software built for the MSK industry, TM3 is committed to partnering with Physio First to provide a template that allows you collect these data points directly in the TM3 Clinical notes section of the TM3 dashboard. Once a patient has been discharged, you can gather that data, download it and upload it to the Data For Impact portal where it will be analysed for you by the University of Brighton, in partnership with Physio First. 

To learn more about how to use these templates, please visit our knowledge base here (Link)


To learn more about how to upload that information, please visit Physio First here for help.