Time To Upgrade?

Enhance your clinic experience with TM3!

Using our software is simple when you know how.

New members of staff? Job role change? Not getting the most from the software? We know that things can change in your clinic and that sometimes people can do with a little training, even if just to refresh their knowledge. We have different styles of training to suit all of your needs.

Build a Connection

TM3 allows you to enhance your patient experience from booking to treatment.

Empower Patients

Allow patients to book appointments, enrol in classes and make payments in their own personal patient portal.

Personalise their treatments

Personalise scores and goals and create a more interactive rehabilitation with Clinical Notes.

Keep in touch

Attracting and retaining patients is important. Automatic reminders and Mailchimp integrations keep patients informed.

Be secure

With TM3 you are in safe hands! Our system contains security features to ensure your confidential patient info is kept safe at all times, aiding with GDPR compliance.

Access any time, anywhere

TM3 allows you to gain access to your TM3 any time, anywhere.

Our investment in you

We are constantly investing resources into making TM3 the most innovative, safe and intuitive healthcare management system in the marketplace, while always putting clinic needs first.

The Upgrade Process


Our pricing is tailored to you. Tell us about your clinic and we’ll get you the best price to suit your needs.


It doesn’t take long to upgrade. Upgrade times depend on your current set up and availability.


The updates and upgrade is carried out by our client Services Team – you don’t need to worry about this!

Ready To Go!

Once we’ve finished the data transfer you’re ready to start using TM3.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have had a lot of clinics make the move to TM3 so we are aware of some of the concerns you may have. Here are some questions we get asked when it comes to upgrading:

What do I need to do during the upgrade?

Not a lot! We will have a call with you during the implementation process and talk you through features and changes.

How long does it take to upgrade?

This depends on your current system and when you can dedicate time for the updates to happen. You will be a rough time guideline when you speak with our Client Services Team.

Will all my data be switched over?

Yes, all of your information from TM2 will be transferred over to TM3. Some rules or exceptions may apply.