Achieve operational excellence at your private practice with TM3 Connect

Manage appointments, classes, practitioners and patients. Take online bookings and payments. Analyse practice performance. Attract, treat and retain clients.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Enhance engagement with Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Collect meaningful outcome data from patients to further your level of service.

Set pain scores and recovery goals, collate VAS and PSFS information, generate reports and enhance patient engagement between appointments with digital forms.

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Practice Management Reports

Streamline processes across your private practice

The diary is the heartbeat of your clinic and your practice management software should allow efficient management of not only appointments but also rooms, patients, payments, practitioners and more.

TM3’s intuitive practice management diary provides both reception staff and practitioners with the tools they need to manage their day without the need for multiple systems.

Practice Management Software
Clinical Notes

Improve client engagement and enhance compliance

Enhancing the clinical experience for patients whilst delivering quality treatments shouldn’t mean running multiple systems across your clinic.

Our clinical notes software works with you, maximising interactions and time spent treating patients whilst improving data security compliance by ensuring that all of your patient notes are safely stored in our ISO 27001 accredited servers.

Clinical Notes Software
Clinic Communications

Reduce DNAs, send updates and promote services

No shows and late cancellations account for a huge chunk of lost revenue in private practices. With TM3, you'll have the tools to ensure your diary is as full as can be - all the time.

When an appointment is full, patients can sign-up for the waiting list in case a cancellation comes through. When this happens, they’ll receive a timed SMS invite to accept the waiting list slot and if they decline, it simply goes to the next person on the waiting list.

Patient Communications

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‘We're now using a lot less paper at the clinic. Everything's on TM3 from invoices and appointment reminders to consultation notes and classes.’

Andra Health - Physiotherapy, Pilates & Counselling Clinic