Why TM3?

Industry leading end-to-end clinic and class management software.

Join the thousands of practitioners, instructors and professionals who trust TM3 to manage their clinics, studios, gyms and more.

The complete business solutions for clinics, classes and clients

TM3 gives you the tools to manage every aspect of your clinic or studio from one central system, reducing time spent on admin to ensure you spend as much time as possible with clients.

Manage client records, rooms, appointments, classes, communications, business reports, finances, forms and more with TM3.

Patient Experience

Enhance the Patient and Client Experience

The evolution of online means your patient and client experience now plays a much more important role than before. Creating advocates for your clinic and classes means transforming how you acquire and treat clients.

Immerse your clients throughout the customer journey with the client portal on Connect, online forms, digital notes, seamless payments and marketing integrations on TM3.

TM3 Data Security

Simple, Safe and Secure

The storage and management of sensitive client and business data is an important factor in choosing your clinic and class management software. At TM3, we have a dedicated infosec team to ensure the data of our clients and their clients is protected to the highest possible level.

All data is stored in highly secure, monitored datacentres around the world. Your data is typically stored in the country your business operates in, for example our UK customers have their data hosted in the UK and our Australian clients have their data hosted in Australia.

TM3 Customer Support

Supporting You

Support isn’t just for when something goes wrong but is equally as important in making sure you get off on the right foot with your new clinic or class management software.

At TM3, we have industry leading customer support centres around the world, contactable by Email, Live Chat or Phone. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager, access to our Knowledge Base and a range of training options.