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Our training options are designed with you in mind and geared to help you get the most from your investment in TM3.

Using our software is simple when you know how.

New members of staff? Job role change? Not getting the most from the software? We know that things can change in your clinic and that sometimes people can do with a little training, even if just to refresh their knowledge. We have different styles of training to suit all of your needs.

Phone Training

Too busy to spend a lot of time on training but need some help? Phone training is the answer.

Our team will arrange a time to best suit you and will log onto your TM3 remotely, letting you learn in real time on the system. We will cater the session to your requirements and will answer any questions you may have during training.

Perfect for a quick refresher or the beginnings of training for certain job roles, our phone training is available in 1-hour slots. 1 hour not enough? No problem, you can book as many slots as you like. You can split the training out into different sessions or do it all at once - the choice is yours.

On-Site Training

Want a full refresher of all things TM3 or have new members of staff that need to know how to use the system? We recommend on-site training with one of our team.

This training session will last a full day and will be tailored to you, taking you through exactly what you need to know about TM3 and all of its features.

A member of our team will come to your clinic, chat with your staff and find out how best to make TM3 work for you.

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Need some training but don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it? E-Learning lets you learn in your own time.

Free online, instructor led training can help give you a quick refresh on some features or aid in the training of new admin staff. Videos will show you through the more common features of TM3.


Our in-house built Knowledgebase, 2gether, has everything you need to know about TM3, all accessible through the software itself.

Articles, videos, webinars, FAQs - all of these will allow you to gain the know how you need to work with TM3 every day and make the most of the system.

More in-depth questions or training may not be answered in our knowledge base and may require a different method of training.