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We aim to help clinics reach their goals and give their patients the best treatment experience possible. Our healthcare management software was built with the industry in mind and we continue to work to ensure we can provide you with the most innovative, productive and secure system we can.

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We know that TM2 has become part of your clinic and you love what it does, so why change?

Well TM3 has taken everything that clinics love about TM2 and made it even better. We’ve added amazing new features that will help transform how your clinic works.

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We can all benefit from a little training now and then. Our teams are on hand to help you get the most from your TM3 through our various training methods

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Our support team are on hand and ready to talk through any issues or problems you might be having. Contact us on the number below.

03333 442 800


If your problem doesn’t require an urgent reply or you have screenshots or files that might help us resolve your issues, email might be the best option for contact.


Chat Online

We’d be happy to chat through any issues via our online live chat option. We’ll be able to chat through the issues and you’ll be left with a transcript to review and resolve.

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